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Our meetings happen every monday, around 10pm UTC, through Zoom. They are open to everyone and the links for joining can be found in our calendar or otherwise requested directly with one of the members of the group.

Our current research method is to offer a collective platform where members can present their personal research projects to one another, in whatever state their study is currently in, and then try to establish connections between these individual investigations based (a) on the general research project outlined in our text "Contribution to the Critique of Political Organization" (b) based on previous meetings and topics explored by other members. These connections don't have to explictly guide the presentations, though we recommend that some effort be made to search for possible links between these investigative paths, as we have meetings dedicated to establishing these connections retroactively from time to time (titled "Research Discussions").

Previous meetings

This is a list of our previous meetings (updated on the 3rd of June 2021):

Research Discussion I

Transformation Problem and Representation of Capital

Compositionality and Generative Effects

Logic of Historical Worlds

Causal Power Consciousness and Scale

Space and Logic

Research Discussion II

Badiou and Marx

Research Discussion III

Sketch of a Model for Thinking Political Organization

Tektology I

Open Games Sheaves Prices

Capital as a Space of Reasons

TekTok I

Tektology II

Discussions on the Primer on Political Phenomenology

On the Equality of All Minds

Tektology III

Organization Force and Conjuncture

Research Discussion IV

Vibing with Algorithmic Socialism

The Compositional Point of View

Scale relativity in Nottale's Work

Mark Wilson and scale relativity

Logic Logistics and States

Game semantics Ludics and linear logic

Research Discussion V

Research Discussion VI

Behavioral Mereology